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  • Dressed to Kill (Live) - Red Martina
  • Rhythm & Rhyme - Instrumental - Red Martina
  • Seasons Change - Instrumental - Red Martina
  • One Track Mind - Instrumental - Red Martina
  • HipHoppocratic Oath (Fall Mix) - Instrumental - Red Martina
  • Stockholm Nights - Instrumental - Red Martina
  • Rhythm And Rhyme - Red Martina
  • Roll Down - Red Martina
  • Head And Neck Exam (Instrumental) - Red Martina
  • Outside - Red Martina
  • The Crumbs Of The Crumbs (Instrumental) - Red Martina
  • Charlotte Remix - Dutch
  • 2000 Leagues Under My Keyboard Remix - Dutch
  • A Picture - Philadelphia Slick
  • Never Change - Philadelphia Slick
  • California Cloaked in Wool Remix - Dutch
  • Hands Of Time (Instrumental) - Red Martina
  • Dreamland Within A Dream (Instrumental) - Red Martina
  • Warm Like The Wind - Dutch
  • Tristessa - Dutch
  • The Girl in the Basement - Vespertina
  • Somewhere Else - Vespertina
  • Pearls - Dutch
  • Walk In The Woods - Quintero
  • You Are Released - Quintero
  • Hands Of Time - Red Martina
  • My Life - Quintero
  • The Crumbs Of The Crumbs - Red Martina
  • Bedtime For Bonzo - Red Martina
  • #44 - Philadelphia Slick

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Philadelphia Slick

Though Philadelphia Slick evolved in the late 2000s, its vision of musical norms, methods, and objectives are rooted in a simpler time: The 1990s, when sould and funk were looped for days and true emcees -- ones we now refer to as gods -- stomped triumphantly across rap stages, dominating because of their prowess and knowledge. Led by Noesis and El Smooth, the group produces wide-ranging lyrical rap music and highly entertaining live sets.  

Slick has been playing music for eight years, has released three recordings as a band and collaborated on emcee Noesis' recent solo effort, The Way Things Work; the album spent eleven weeks on the CMJ hip-hop charts, topping out at #4.   After all of this being done independently, Slick continues to press on, dropping tracks, buying physical silver, and looking for adventurous sounds to integrate into new music.

Noesis has joined Stoupe’s (Jedi Mind Tricks) new production collective - Badtape Music - which will release Slick’s upcoming album Rusty Combustibles in 2014.  

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State of Your Plate

Everything Must Go - by Philadelphia Slick

Helium by Noesis. Off the album "The Way Things Work"